Cow Free Protein is a Danish network for cellular food production. We mobilize Danish competences at the crossroads of biotechnology and food production. 

The network connects the Danish resource base and bridge the gap between research, innovation, production, consumers, and the market around dairy protein.


Upcoming event

Policy Conference
– Paving the way towards animal free milk proteins

June 20th 2024, time 12.30-4.00 pm 
At EIFO Nordhavn 
Haifagade 3, 2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen   


Selected knowledge from the world and the Network – highlighting opportunities and barriers to novel foods based on sustainable production of milk proteins through precision fermentation.  

International conference on precision fermentation of milk proteins 

January 22-23, 2024 
Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen  

The Conference brings companies, researchers, and policy makers together to address the urgent need for transforming our food system toward climate neutrality. We hope for your active participating to draw up a Roadmap for bulk production of precision fermented milk proteins.

Food for Thought, The Protein Transformation

BCG / Blue Horizon

In just the past few years, alternative proteins have morphed from a niche product to a mainstream phenomenon. Plant-based meats are now a fixture at fastfood restaurants around the world, plant-based milk is a household staple, and you can taste meat grown from animal cells in restaurants in Singapore and Israel.

RethinkX Food and Agriculture 2019


By 2030, the number of cows in the U.S. will have fallen by 50% and the cattle farming industry will be all but bankrupt. All other livestock industries will suffer a similar fate, while the knock-on effects for crop farmers and businesses throughout the value chain will be severe.  

EY Megatrends 2020: Are you reframing your future or is the future reframing you?


The world changed in March 2020. Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic strained health care systems to the breaking point, put much of the global economy on an indefinite hiatus and radically reshaped societal norms and interactions. For businesses everywhere, these events are undermining established assumptions while catalyzing new models and approaches.

State of the Industry Report: Fermentation

Good Food Institute

Fermentation has emerged as the third pillar of alternative proteins. New applications are transforming the industry, improving the taste and texture of alternative protein products. This report covers 2020 developments in the competitive landscape, innovation opportunities, product and ingredient applications, investment trends, regulatory status, and more.

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The Network

The network involves a range of experts. It is a forum across sciences, innovation, industries, consumers, and authorities.


What we do

Who will produce our food in 2050?


The CRISPR gene shears make it possible to cut and glue purposefully into the genome of a wide range of microorganisms. A technology that now allows molecular biologists to transfer the relevant genes from cows' genomes to a desired microbial host organism. 

Feeding 9bn people will mean reimagining the edible world;
we move form farm to table – via from lab to table – to tank to table!

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alternative milk proteins. 

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