Cow Free Protein


Cow Free Protein is a Danish network for cellular food production. We gather Danish competences at the crossroads of biotechnology and food production. 


We must transform the food system to be climate neutral by 2050. We believe that a substantial part of the livestock should be taken out of the equation and replaced with plant-based food, precision fermentation and stem cell meat to lower the climate impact from food.

The vision

The vision is to create a Danish hub for cellular food production, where we gather Danish competences at the crossroads of biotechnology and food production. The network will connect the Danish resource base and bridge the gap between research, innovation, production, and the market.


Our Aim

The network's aim is to highlight opportunities and barriers to novel foods based on sustainable production of milk proteins through precision fermentation. 

Our Activities

The network's activities are a pre-competitive forum across sciences, trade associations, businesses, consumers, and authorities. The network will produce a "roadmap" for building a Danish cellular food production with a focus on milk protein. We work throughout the value chain for alternative milk proteins. 


By the year 2030, Denmark must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and be climate neutral by the year 2050.

The climate impact of Danish agriculture is about 30% of total Danish emissions and farm animals (due to methane and nitrous oxide from digestion and fertilizer) are directly responsible for roughly 13 percent. The global dairy industry is under pressure to severely reduce climate impact. 

A full-fledged response to climate change must bring innovation to all aspects of our daily lives – including the foods we consume.

Denmark is an important player with export value of 19.9 billion in 2020. It is now necessary to act as there are already many companies (e.g. Perfect Day in the USA, Form in Berlin) that are working on alternative solutions. 

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The Network Animal Free Protein – Fermentation Produced Milk Protein is supported by GUDP